Spending the Day with Bernie

Sen. Bernie Sanders plans to attend October debate after hospitalization
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Sanders also met with Allen Myers, a year-old filmmaker.

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Scientists say climate change is lengthening wildfire seasons and increasing the heat and drought that can fuel the blazes. Sanders was less specific about how he would pay for the plan. He said he would stop federal subsidies for the fossil-fuel industry and force it to pay for its pollution through lawsuits and unspecified taxes.

Sanders would also ban imports and exports of fossil fuels and prohibit fracking and mountaintop-removal coal mining. Leah Stokes, an assistant professor at UC Santa Barbara who specializes in climate and energy politics, described the proposal as very ambitious and a bit unrealistic.

She cited the challenge of building an almost entirely new electric grid, with environmental assessments required on virtually every wind and solar project. At the same time, she said, the fact that Sanders, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, former Vice President Joe Biden and other Democrats in the race have backed bold climate plans speaks to the potency of recent youth-driven activism on climate change.

A thorn in the senator's side

President Trump has abandoned the global Paris agreement on climate change and sought to dismantle the climate protections put in place by President Obama. Climate change has become one of the top concerns of liberal Democrats over the last several years, particularly among young people, polls show. Although it remains a source of little or no concern to many Republicans, more and more Democrats and independents have been seeing global warming as a concrete threat as wildfires and storms become more deadly and as chronic high-tide flooding hits Miami Beach and other low-lying coastal areas.

Vermont senator says he has 900,000 individual contributions averaging $20

Inside Bernie Sanders's day 'honeymoon' in the Soviet Union . Rubin, who spent part of the trip talking with local hospital officials. Mayor Bill de Blasio on Monday seemed like a candidate fighting hard to keep his job, instead of one coasting to re-election. Dogged by questions about favors for donors, Mr. de Blasio found himself on a hot and delayed subway train with Senator Bernie Sanders, using the popular.

California Sen. She added, "He had a blockage. I'm not a doctor. He had a blockage in one artery and they put in two stints. It's a very common procedure, so it wasn't any problem whatsoever.

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So we are very happy and we are going to head back. There is no word yet on when Sanders will return to his busy stump schedule, but campaign surrogates will fan out across the country this weekend, headlining events in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.

Bernie Sanders' big spending plans would radically change the US

Inside Sanders headquarters in Washington, the vibe is "business as usual" after a nerve-wracking 36 hours, an aide told CNN. Both flew out to join him in Nevada on Wednesday.

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Biden fires back at Trump on Ukraine: 'He is the definition of corruption'. Sanders bought his third home last week, a four-bedroom, beachfront vacation house on Lake Champlain. Get the best of The New Yorker in your in-box every day. Share this article Copy link Link copied. For his campaign, see Bernie Sanders presidential campaign. Sanders discussed his personal involvement in the civil rights movement , including his leading role in the University of Chicago sit-ins and his participation in the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom , where Martin Luther King Jr. Retrieved February 24,

In fact, it took a certain amount of audacity for Sanders, an avowed socialist, to even enter the race. Sanders is working hard to pull the Clinton campaign to the left with proposals, most of which involve spending a lot of money, that Clinton will have to respond to. And I don't think that's where the American people want this government to go.

Bernie Sanders Raised $18.2 Million in First Six Weeks of 2020 Presidential Campaign

They're tired of these big-government solutions. Republicans believe in empowering people so that they can pursue their own American dream. Sanders would eliminate tuition for the roughly seven million undergraduates at four-year public colleges and universities, where costs have risen significantly since the s.

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In order to participate in the program, states would have to meet a number of requirements designed to protect students, ensure quality and reduce ballooning costs. Some have estimated this provision could raise hundreds of billions annually which could be used to create millions of jobs as well as subsidize college tuition. While some have, indeed, suggested that the potential revenue from taxing financial markets activity is vast, others disagree.