Ella and Emperor Mayhem Part 2

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He would later make a cameo appearance during the end credits of the third film, as he is shown in a painting with Anastasia. Worth a watch. Welfare organizations and charities always attracted Sergei's attention and he became either chairman or patron of scores of them. In Weisz's chat she also talked about her boundary breaking movie and the film's core romance. While Grand Duke Sergei had not directly participated in the planning for Khodynka Field, he was to blame for the lack of foresight and as Governor General, ultimately responsible. He appears in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep along with his homeworld, playing out the same role as in the film. Anastasia's most common dress attire is a pink dress with fuchsia bodice with a lighter pink skirt and fuchsia slippers which she wears with white collar and petticoat.

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