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Any ideas yet? Are we talking ye' old England in the Jane Austen days? Here's another hint: when she runs away, she only has apples and a donut to bring with her for food. Luckily, the castle has an old, overgrown garden so she can grow vegetables to eat Believe me, this book is shoveling enough shit to grow those mushrooms. Oh, what? Yes, I did say a donut. Hmmm, did they have those in the old days? How long ago were donuts invented? I think we should mark that day as a national holiday. Last clue: She wants to go into the village to get some supplies for her new home.

She takes her new husband's Porsche to get there.

That's right, you got it now. This idiotic work of craption is set in modern times.

Review: Captivated By You (#4, Crossfire) by Sylvia Day

And, as a modern woman, I say: Go home book, you're drunk. View all 14 comments.

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I don't know what exactly led to this book and the drop in quality, but I'm hoping that the next book makes up for it. When he learns the truth about Elena, he proposes marriage in return she will have the safety and security of his name and they will only be married in name only, unless she asks him for more. Gideon way of micromanaging every single aspect of Eva's life makes me grind my teeth. This is recommended to all paranormal romance lovers! Customer Service. They treat Elena horribly, but I loved Elena's respect for them, and how she handles the situation.

Jul 15, Amy Jacobs rated it it was amazing Shelves: books-i-own. Author Amanda Ashley has done it again. She has swept me back into the world of Vampire Romance in its true form. She takes the root of Vampire Paranormal Romance and puts it into a story to captivate the reader.

I loved the characters of Drake and Elena. While Elena was pure and innocent, Drake was her balance in danger and mystery. After living with her drunk Uncle, Elana flees to the castle called Wolfram Estate on the hill. She has heard numerous stories of it being haunted and abandoned, but Author Amanda Ashley has done it again.

She has heard numerous stories of it being haunted and abandoned, but she feels she has no choice to hide away in the castle and leave the abuse of her Uncle. She discovers that the house indeed has someone living there and he is the most gorgeous man she has ever seen. Drake has lived for a long time and humans barely interest him anymore except for nourishment. Yet when he sees the lovely Elena at his castle, he is intrigued by her.

He develops feelings for her that he has never felt before.

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Even though he is suppose to marry another woman to secure his rightful place in the Vampire Royalty, he has no desire to be with anyone bu Elena. Together they share a love that is deep and true even if there is danger to come. Both characters were great in Bound By Night. I loved how Drake treated Elena like a princess and cared for her well being over his own. Elena handled the supernatural better than most people would have. Her courage was just as great as Drakes, but in her own way.

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Bound & Captivated - #1 - Kindle edition by Anonymous Woman. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like. Kindle Price: inclusive of all taxes includes free wireless delivery via Amazon Whispernet. Sold by: Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited.

Again, Amanda Ashley has delivered an amazing paranormal romance that will quench your thirst of vampire lore! I can't wait to see what happens in the next book which is suppose to be based on a character you will discover in this book! Nov 27, Jess rated it did not like it Shelves: dnf. DNF - Read to pg , this just isn't a story that appeals to me. There's no real depth to the characters or the story lines. Elena isn't the type of heroine that I like reading about.

She's very naive and I just couldn't believe in her relationship with Drake. View all 3 comments. Sep 10, Ellie rated it did not like it. Now seven years later, her aunt has passed away and her cousin has eloped with a young man from their village and Elena is all alone with her uncle. When her uncle declares that Elena must marry him she panics and flees to the only place she can think of Wolfram Estate. Wolfram is rumored to be haunted and has stood empty for as long as anyone can remember but Elena soon discovers her new refuge is not haunted at all but is home to the most handsome man she has ever seen Drake Sherrad.

Lord Drake Sherrad is shocked to find a young woman sleeping on his couch late one night and as a five hundred year old vampire Drake is not surprised easily. As Drake is summoned by his father to take his place on the vampire council he and Elena must fight for their relationship and future and convince everyone that love between a vampire and a human can work.

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I love vampires. With that said this was the worst vampire book I have ever read. It makes me very sad to write that sentence but I have to be honest. I found that both Drake and Elena to be very boring, cheesy, spineless and so frustrating. The way they interacted with each other and they way they spoke I found to be something out of a historical romance novel instead of a paranormal romance set in present day. Elena is only nineteen years old and is just such a weak character.

Through the whole story I wanted her to stand up for herself and stop being so weak and she never did it. She also asked Drake to marry her without knowing his last name, where he goes at night, how old he is or that he is a vampire. I found their entire relationship laughable and unbelievable. This part of the book could have been enjoyable but it included Drake and spineless Elena who and they both just let everyone walk all over them for the next fifteen chapters.

The entire book seems like a set up for the next book, Bound by Blood, which is fine because I read the first two chapters in the back of this book and it actually seems like a real paranormal romance. Again, as someone who loves vampire books especially vampire romance books this was just plain bad. I love my characters, especially my female lead, to be strong, independent, kick ass characters and Drake and Elena are the farthest thing from that. I know this is a harsh review but I stick by my feelings and I stick by the fact that I hated this book.

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Sep 25, Dana Alma rated it it was ok. Amanda Ashley is a very good author with a wonderful imagination that has been able to capture me in the past. Bound by Night was not what I had hoped for. As I began to read the begining of the book, I found it hard to believe that Elena would stay living with her uncle in today's day and age. Even more unbelieveable for me was the fact that she would stay in an old abandoned castle, that just happened to be furnished. There were times in the book that had the feel of a historical. I began to w Amanda Ashley is a very good author with a wonderful imagination that has been able to capture me in the past.

I began to wonder if I was reading a book meant for young adults. Drake was not a very strong character, he was a bit soft for my taste. I felt he just didn't fit into the vampire roll very smoothly. As the story was reaching it's finale, I began to feel it a bit more. Although I did not enjoy this book as much as I wanted to, I am very excited about the second book in the series.

Based on the excerpt of book two, I have high hopes for the Bound by Blood and plan on reading it. Amanda Ashley has many paranormal works that are suberb and should not be passed up. View all 4 comments. Aug 27, Paige rated it it was amazing Shelves: i-own , books , loved-it. Just as the cover claims, this is the way a vampire romance is suppose to be, especially if you're not a fan of 3D sex scenes.

Told from both their points of views, you get inside the heads of two very different people. For young 19 year old Elena Knightsbridge, who lives with her uncle, she dreams of getting away from him. As she's grown older, his advances on her have also grown. When she fears he's coming for her the next night, she sneaks out and heads to the 'haunted' Wolfram Castle. Drake Just as the cover claims, this is the way a vampire romance is suppose to be, especially if you're not a fan of 3D sex scenes.

Drake Sherrad knows instantly when Elena enters his castle. Instantly he feels a pull towards her, for why else would he carry her sleeping form to his bed? Instead of dealing with her like he deals with all the other intruders? One thing I really loved about this book was the age difference and watching Elena grow. When she first meets Drake, she looks and acts towards him like one would towards a father.

Bared to you (Crossfire #1) Silvia Day Audiobook

With her inexperience, she not sure how to feel when she begins having feelings for this mysterious guy who isn't around during the day and is very secretive. Drake isn't sure why he's allowing himself to get caught up with a human, but the more time he spends with Elena, the more he craves her. Yet he's always respectful of her as a woman. I was concerned at first because of how young she was, Drake is a true gentlemen around her. Although he initiated the thought, when her uncle begins looking for her, her only true way to get out from his control is to marry.

Thus she finds herself proposing the deal to Drake. Like most vampires, Drake has reason for marrying Elena, other than his growing feelings, and that is the hope that by disgracing his family by marrying a mortal, his father will call off his betrothed marriage.