A Mechanic and a Gentleman: An Odyssey into the Automotive Repair Experience

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They noticed that we were from out of state and immediately checked the systems to determine the problem. The mechanics determined it was the starter. They said it would take approximately 2 hours to receive the part and perform the repair. They called 1. Fantastic service!

Really treat you well here. My car had suddenly begun to jolt. I found a place to pull over and saw that I had a flat tire. My tires are new Goodyear all-weather tires. This young man was a gift from God for us. He ensured our safety and answered all my fears. Then, to his surprise and mine, there was a big wrench sticking out of the tire. He put the donut on and calmly gave me the confidence to be on my way.

This organization is professional, caring, punctual and frankly, a big blessing.

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We parked on the hill of our cabins driveway and didn't have enough gas! I am on vacation with my family. Radiator busted. A local waiter recommended Carr's Auto and said they are "the best". When I pulled up I saw a junkyard and thought why am I here. Totally misjudged.

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They were understanding of my dilemma being on vacation. Quickly diagnosed, found the problem, and finished me the same day. Mind you it's a Saturday and they stayed late. Highly recommend this shop. Kim and Bill will totally take care of you at desk. Dennis your real good. If you ever move to GA and need a job look me up. While vacationing in Pigeon Forge, our alternator went out while driving home at 11pm. We reached out to our roadside assistance and they put us in contact with Carr's. They were there to get us within 15 minutes and started work on our car immediately the following morning.

Saved our vacation! My husband and I were talking our son to Gatlinburg for the first time and our car broke down!

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It was 8pm Friday night at a hotel we were not staying at our hotel was a 30 minute walk sure enough we started on foot! We called Carr auto service the next morning, they came by picked up our car key and said they would be in touch.

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After many phone calls they fount one a good ways away they picked it up and had it on the road the next day! We didn't stress we walked the streets of Gatlinburg and went about our day on Saturday As normal and we picked up our car around 1pm Sunday! He was fast,friendly, and concerned. I have used this company in the past and i would recommend using them every time i need someone.

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Found us a motel on one of the busiest weekends in Pigeon Forge at a reasonable rate, took us there, picked us up Sunday morning after the repairs were completed and even made sure I got a military discount. This company does it right!

Highly recommended. It looked for a while that I might be stuck there for a few days. The mechanic was friendly, walked me through the repairs. My only complaint is that they may be a little too transparent about some of their personnel issues in front of the customers. If you need to discuss something, you shouldn't do it in the lobby in front of your customers. It makes them nervous. Our car broke down on vacation. They went out of their way to get the car fixed fast so he didn't go AWOL.

They were even willing to pick the rental car up from Virginia Beach if needed. Great customer service. If we ever have car trouble in Pigeon Forge we know who to call.

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Our vacation in Tennessee could have ended in shambles but they took care of us better than any mechanic I have ever gone to. They had my alternator replaced and my husband's ball joint replaced in a matter of hours on a Sunday afternoon with no notice. Wish we had them in Michigan!!! They guys at Carr's were great and head us back on the road quickly for a reasonable price. We called this company cause they was the first in the list on google, we made it to the cabin.

They came and picked my car up at the cabin and took me with them cause they have rental cars there so we would not be stuck at the cabin for our trip. The first car they gave me had some problems, but they handle the situation professionally and put me in another car. My car was experiencing some problems as we entered town but the knowledgeable mechanic couldn't find any problems with it but I'm not saying he doesn't know what he is doing, he did everything he could to try to figure it out but the car was running perfectly while they had it.

He was polite and respectable, told me once I got my car if there was any problems while I continued my vacation that they would come tow it again to their shop free of charge, This company treated me like I was family even though I was from out of state. I want to thank everyone from that company because it is hard to find a place that is that professional and polite. I was fully prepared for the worst but this repair shop quickly diagnosed the issue and even saved our vacation by offering a reasonable rental car that could fit our family of 5 while they worked on our car.

The rates were beyond reasonable and we made it home safely yesterday. Thank you Carr! My express van broke down on the way to Virginia and these fine folks picked it up and fixed it. They are fast and efficient and very friendly. If I lived here they would be the only people I'd trust. It was late saturday afternoon but after a quick google search we found Carr's and they said they opened at 8 sunday morning.

We were there for about an hour. Really good service. Fair pricing and let us enjoy the rest of the day without having to worry about car issues. Would highly recommend to anyone that needs work done. It was a Sunday so most auto mechanics were closed, but not Carr's Auto.

They offered prompt service were unusually candid about the bill. They got my vehicle fixed ASAP. I highly recommend them. We were traveling from Minnesota and noticed a noise in the front end.

Brought it to Carr's and they looked it over. They found nothing wrong.

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I was impressed that they didn't try to sell us parts we didn't need. We we're a long way from home miles involved in an accident.

They were quick, courteous even went the extra mile to check out our car, and made sure the car was okay and spray washed it off before we left. We were able to coast to a side road where a policeman stopped to help. He called Brandon at Carr's to tow us. Not only did he show up in min but he also gave us a ride to a nearby gas station. Saturday morning Dennis the mechanic called and told us the fuel pump was bad. He replaced it and even went beyond by educating us on other questions we had. Everything was completed by Sat. Although we weren't planning on spending this extra money, Carr's was reasonably priced and performed great, timely work.

We highly recommend using Carr's and would go back to them if needed!

Such great service from Carrs. Spoke to two different people there organizing where I was and when they'd get here. Both very helpful and nice. They brought me a new battery and could not have been more service oriented. Five Stars for such rare customer oriented, professional, friendly, and efficient service.

But Carr's was there to get us back on the road. Even though I could tell they were slammed with work, they happily put it up on the lift to check it out. Oddly enough, he couldn't find a leak after 20 minutes of pressure testing. We were only charged a lift fee.